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13 fluid acts of deviation



The balance of how much needs to change and how much needs to remain in order to keep an intention alive, is the central figur in the piece.


13 fluid acts of deviation deals with „feeling at home“. Is it a sensation in the emotions or in the body, or both? Is it connected to a place? Can you feel at home in a choreography? The two dancers are „telling“ physically the story about their feeling at home. But in each performance the choreography deviates from the original. It is transformed by the eye-to-eye encounter with the audience, with each other and with the specific perfomance space. The readiness and openess of the dancers to integrate new elements in their dance, but yet not loose where they are coming from, is oscillating throughout the performance. Alertness for the transformations of movements, encounters and choreography and alertness for the unpredictable are a constant pulse of the piece.


Künstlerische Leitung, Choreografie, Tanz: Victoria Hauke,
Tanz & Cocreation: Philipp van der Heijden, Musik: Andi Otto (www.andiotto.com),
Licht: Henning Eggers


Mit Unterstützung von Kulturbehörde Hamburg, Deutsche Tage/Wolgograd - Robert Bosch Stiftung, Goethe Institut

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