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do we pray enough 

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26, 27., April 2024 - 19:00

do we pray enough

dance theatre performance

By / with Tatiana Zuccolotto and Victoria Hauke

KirstenKjærs Museum

7741 Frøstrup, Denmark

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18 - 19.30

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9 Januar 2024

Frøstrup, Gl. Kro, Denmark

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10 Januar 2024

Frøstrup, Gl. Kro, Denmark


22 June 2024




body and physical states

"From poetry to movement"


Creative methods of our work in the performance

"do we pray enough"

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KirstenKjærs Museum

Frøstrup, Denmark

do we pray enough

dance theatre performance

26. / 27. April- 19:00

By and with

Tatiana Zuccolotto (physical actress, Argentina) and Victoria Hauke (choreographer, dancer. Germany)


Praying. What can it imply, when it is not synonymous with a religious matter,?

Could it be that the role of the artist in an over-technologized society is to keep an incorruptible magic alive? A powerful and incorruptible inspiration?


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KirstenKjærs Museum, Langvadvej 64, 7741 Frøstrup