VITA [Ausbildung] [Fortbildung] [1999-2004]


Portrait: Victoria Hauke

Victoria Hauke is interested in how the emotional physicality of the body enfolds out of its somatic, energetic and sensory processes and how this is relating to the surroundings and specific themes. She is interested in shifting aspects of perception, reception and correlation of the dancing body for the audience. She is collaborating in interdisciplinary contexts with international artist collegues from visual arts, music or science. Also she works in intercultural contexts, e.g. for several projects in India (2010/2011), in Russia (2013) or in Seoul.

Her works and installations were frequently created in the context of „not-theatre“ spaces like flats, outdoors, visual arts exhibitions, empty shops and recently also her own private space.

From 1993 on she made about 50 pieces and installations, which were shown in national and international venues.

Over the period of the last 20 years she has been studying and practising Taijiquan and Qigong. And for more than 20 years she is practising and teaching Yoga.

These experiences have a huge impact on her work in terms of her approach to the human body and hence on the background of her performance work.

Victoria is teaching and is mentor in festivals, institutions and unversities in Germany and abroad in dance and intermedial courses of studies.